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We offer a wide range of genres in our beat catalog. You can listen to our selection by clicking the Soundcloud link at the bottom of the page.


Klean Studios has no official hours of operation. We work to the artist’s convenience and base scheduling around clientele availability. We ask you please be courteous when scheduling though.


We’ll mix everything from individual vocal or instrument stems to two stereo tracks for pre-master final mixes.


Send us two or three reference mixes for your track. Our mastering deal also includes one revision with no additional cost.

Room with piano, speakers, etc.
The space

The Space

Klean Studios is a small business that specializes in recording and producing music. We work with independent artists or bands as well as indie labels, major labels, and other producer/audio engineers. Capable of providing guidance or directly working on the production of a track, any service you need can be fulfilled by us. At least one engineer will always be present during studio sessions to provide either assistance in the creation process and/or overlook the production of your track.

The Process

Introduction and Planning

Before we begin working we will listen to reference tracks and discuss what we want the end result of your song to be like. This includes listing instruments, genre, bpm, fx, and other important details about your song that are necessary for the producer to know. This step is important because it establishes the direction we are going in from the very jump and helps provide a clear vision for the producer and artist which assures that everyone is on the same page.

The Equipment

For recording vocals we have an acoustically treated vocal booth. The two pieces of equipment you’ll find inside are the Shure SM57 microphone and a pair of Audio Technica ATH M40x’s. All vocals are recorded through the Apollo Twin X DUO audio interface and processed in Ableton Live or Logic Pro. The booth also has LED lights installed with a remote control so that you can choose the color that best suits you while inside. When recording instrumentation we have a standard way of doing things, but we are always open to suggestions and new ideas. If there is a specific way you would like to record something we will accompany that to our best ability.

Integrity Check

Before hitting the record button we will check tuning and each microphone's response to instrumentation and voice. In band settings this includes checking the microphones response between the instruments that are opposite of each other. Such as the guitar one’s microphone will record guitar two to check for bleeding then vice versa. Upon that we will capture approximately ten seconds of performance and listen to the playback. That way you have an idea of how everything will sound once fully recorded. Now we are ready to go.

Track Comparisons

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Maxwell is great at communicating with the artist/songwriter to understand the direction they're wanting to take… No other studio experience I’ve been a part of was so simultaneously comfortable, quality producing, and affordable. Snuff Benefit Rock/indie artist



Our Mission

Our mission is to create a comfortable workspace as well as provide industry standard production. We believe in collaboration and using the strengths of others to better portray the message you intend to deliver. When coming to the studio you should feel free to express yourself and speak openly about ideas. Your vision is our priority.

Max About

Graduating in May of 2022 from Mary Baldwin University, Maxwell Klimczak (aka Klean) received a degree in music with emphasis in composition as well as completed extracurricular training in mastering audio. Over the past five years he has worked with many artists in a multitude of genres, including rock, rap/hip hop, RnB, indie, pop, and jazz. With experience in recording/producing live bands and doing studio production he is equipped with all the skills of a full stack audio engineer and can be used as a producer or to oversee your own production.


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  • * An additional $15 may be included in cost as a set up fee in band setting occurrences or chamber/orchestral groups.
  • * We appreciate you coming to Klean Studios and becoming part of our growing community. So when bundling services you can expect discounted rates anywhere from 15% to 50% off.
  • * After scheduling with us once, you will always have direct contact to a producer at Klean Studios to coordinate future sessions with.